Just lost

So many problems and issues….from my 3 kids and all their problems to us losing our car….

My thoughts are spinning and jumping around….what to focus on first…I’ve been sick for 4 years now…it don’t get easier and it never goes away…

I haven’t blogged in a while…hope someone has advice on how to cope


Cannabis works

better then a Volume for me

i never use to smoke but since I got sick I was willing to try anything to control my shaking and anxiety….


All these pills

I get a monthly injection and take 4 pills to control all my symptoms….the problem is I’m now addicted to adderall….

Never been a drug addict or a pill popper then I got sick….it took so long to get the right combo…..I’ve been on so many different meds that didn’t work but I’ve suffered allot of different side effects….

Weight gain hair loss zombied out….sleep all day or can’t sleep at all…the depressing thing is I know their is no cure and I will be medicated the rest of my life

Need normalcy bad!

I wake up every morning before the chickens 5am…I’m done with my chores in a couple hours then I have nothing to do….

I will get so bored I will just go & lay in my bed….then at night I want to go to bed super early which gives me hardly anytime with husband who gets home around 7ish….

Soul searching

I have allot more to do….in my case if u talk to me in a normal tone in a nice way I retain all the information if u get loud or yell it goes in one ear out the other….

My son and husband told me I am worse mentally now then I was a year ago….I’m on meds 1 is an injection….am I losing it? I feel alright….

I have to soul search because I do have I don’t give a shit attitude and it causes problems in my house….my emotions have dulled with this disease….