Welcome to my nightmare!

Having this disease effects every single part of my life…I can’t work anymore I cannot multi task or retain to much info at once…..my motivation and drive are gone……every day is a struggle…

To top it off my 16 year old boy has severe mental issues and refuses to go get medication so I watch him sink into a black hole every day

It has effected my marriage I have to give my husband credit he has adjusted well….sick wife sick kid…wtf!

Disability sucks!

Some people say you got it made not having to work get to stay home and get money….let me tell u I hate it !  

I am broke all the time…I tried cleaning houses but it was so nasty I can’t do it…I thought about baby sitting but my husband is against it…

So I sit in my house trapped like a prisoner because I have no gas money…my car is half wAy broke down any way…..I would give anything to work again…I am greatful don’t get me wrong but this disease has turned my life upside down

Words hurt worse then A punch!

Last night me and my 16 year old son got into an argument….he is also mentally ill and refuses medication…He called me A drug addict ( the meds I get from shrink) he said I can’t remember anything we ever did together( the disease has taken my short term memory but I can remember perfectly what happened 20 years ago) and told me his last birthday sucked…..allot of other topics came up

I sat their and heard him out then I asked him did he want to hear what pisses me off about him…my husband jumped in and told him to leave the room because he knew the first thing I would bring up is his shrink which he refuses to go to and his meds he refuses to take….he won’t go to the eye doctor..he also has kidney disease that’s the only appointment I have talked him into going to in 6 Months….so yea I had allot to say….

He has sociel phobia anxiety and depression he don’t leave the house ever…being schitzoaffective and having to watch him sink into a black hole causes me severe anxiety and panic attacks….he goes to school online because he can’t be around people and we are home together all day every day so we do get on each other’s nerves

I got pissed at my husband for making him leave…I said he can dish it out but he can’t take it….. he needs to be told about his meds and so on….it’s so redicouls my husband is in denial…