Her name is Ashlie….when she was growing up I was married to her dad…when she was 13 I divorced her dad….I moved from Florida to Michigan with her and a 2 year old son….life went on and when she was 16 she decided to move back to Florida with her dad…..after that she kept going from him to me until she was 18 met a guy moved to Orlando went to collage got her degree took about 3 years….her boyfriend also got his degree….when school was done they moved back to home town St.Petersburg…..he broke up with her she lost her mind….she hooked up with this guy who talked her into moving to Vegas ….she was 3 months away from getting her RN license….she had a good job at doctors office….she dropped everything and left….

She ended up in Vegas with this guy he talked her into dancing at a club….she got a condo then the guy started taking all her money every night she worked…he started hitting her and he took total control of her life ……my mother flew to Vegas and called the cops on him she got restraining order and she evicted him….so my mom saved her ass….A month later she hooks up with Indian guy from England…..she married him after 2 months….he is trying to become a legal resident of United States…..fast forward a year they cannot stand each other…he locks her out of the house for 2 weeks at a time….she FaceTimes me daily telling me it’s over she’s done! The next day she goes back…he also hits her…….now I have had no contact for a week she is not answering phone or text…..we are very close and this has never happened….I forgot to mention she paid cash 5800.00 for a boob job….she is still dancing now she has to drink to be able to work so she has became an alcoholic……

I sit here and try to imagine what’s going on? Did he kill her? Is she doing something very wrong like selling her body at work! She swears up and down their is no touching aloud I don’t believe it! 

I am schitzoaffective this is driving me litteraly crazy! I can’t sleep my anxiety is out of control….she is 27 she can’t dance forever…she says she is going to finish nursing school but it hasn’t happened yet…..is she a prostitude? I think her husband pimps her out…he is all about money…….omg. Please contact me so I can have a half way normal life!


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