I use to have a normal life, a great routine….I worked full time always had money for everything….I went to the gym 6 days a week…now that I’m on disability money is so tight…my husbands truck has been broke down for weeks….he’s been using my car which leaves me trapped in the house….I want to work again to help pull us out of the hole…I think about and think about it and in my heart I know I can’t…..my life has been turned upside down…schizophrenia/ bipolar is crippling…everything has changed and it’s all to cope with what has happened to me…..

My husband works his ass off but it’s just not enough….I do not get food stamps so we buy food every week…gas, household needs….it’s like a rat race because it never gets better…this is when I feel useless because their is nothing I can do to help….I want my old life back!


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