I believe what goes around comes around and kicks you strait in your a$$! I was married young at 16 had a baby….my first love…we where together 10 years…he turned out to be a jerk…he slept with all my friend physically and mentally abused me….I lived in Florida at the time…when I left him I had a 4 year old and a 6 month old….I packed all our clothes and moved to my family in Michigan….I was broken I thought I would never get over it ….eventually the hurt turned to anger and I turned into a cold hearted bitch!

After that happened I walked all over allot of people…I hurt allot of feelings and used people until I thought I have gotten everything I could get out of them and then moved on to the next sucker…I had no remorse and I just felt numb inside..

When I finally met my husband and actually fell in love all that stopped…but the damage was done…I got schizophrenia at the age of 40…that is almost unheard of…..all 3 of my kids have issues….so I ask God why me? But I think I already know the answer….you can’t go around treating people like crap and not expect it to come back onto you in some way or another…..karma is definitely a bitch!


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