Yestutday was horrible my 27 year old girl called me from Vegas crying like 20 times….my anxiety was out of control and I was super manic all night I did not sleep my head would not stop stressing over her…

So it’s 11:15am and I have stuff to do I took my meds on empty stomach feeling kinda froggy….I am trying to motivate and get started but I have been sitting in this chair over an hour….and she said she was going to call me when she wakes up…..I hope she is doing better because I cannot handle all the bullshit today… mom is coming over later I don’t even feel like dealing with her today…I know it sounds mean but my mind is not in a good place at this time and I really don’t want company…

I’m going to put this phone down and just get moving….I guess it don’t matter how old your kids are…she has issues I have issues….sucks!


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