Years ago with my first husband we lived in this house in Pinallis Park Florida where weird things where happening….things being moved around or come up missing…knocking on walls messing with the lights…one night my x was in the bathroom and swears that he heard a demonic voice call his name…….he woke me up at 3 am shaking telling me their was someone or something in the house….I personally never got bothered….

Fast forward 19 years when I first started hearing the voices their is a main voice who calls himself Satan…..this voice explained to me that he was responsable for all the activity in Florida and the reason I never got bothered is because he was protecting me from all that was going on….so during a conversation with my x who was telling me his house was haunted I told him who it was and why he is messing with him….well I no longer hear voices because I get injections that make them stop…..but he just called me begging me to make Satan stop….I told him Satan is no longer in my life and anyway I don’t control what or who Messes with who….I told him it’s probably pay back for the way he treated me and my kids…..I told him to go to church or have his house blessed…..all I know is that I’m finally free from the torture I went through with this disease….


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