I get a new car drive it for a month then husbands truck breaks down so he drives my car to work and again I have no ride!

We don’t have the money to fix truck their is like 4 things wrong and needs 2 tires…I am so annoyed right now sitting here by myself doing nothing….I want to work I don’t want to sit home. I use to have all the money we needed now we live pay check to pay check and my disability…

I am really feeling sorry for myself right now and I can’t control my emotions….I am medicated in touch with reality I function like a normal person most of the time…I can’t tolerate stupid people….I want my old life back when my attitude was laid back I could talk to anyone….now I’m like get away from me….I’m not friendly anymore and I have pushed all my friends away…

I need an attitude adjustment…I try hard to watch my mouth and be calm….I am not feeling happy right now and I don’t know how to stop this feeling….sucks to be me I guess 


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