I have never had a problem with drugs and I do not drink…..my life was normal I worked full time had hobbies and went to the gym…

This is all in the past now…for 4 years I have been on a bunch of different kinds of medication…..all with bad side effects some worse then others…

I now find myself wanting to over take some meds or take them to early…I cannot believe at 43 I am even having to deal with something like this…who do I blame? The doctor who gives me the crap or myself for even having these thoughts….

Shall I add junkie to my list of problems? I have been doing good this Month so far but the first problem that comes up or I get stressed in any way the thought pops up out of no where…

I have 2 grown kids and a 16 year old who don’t have a clue about this the only one I have told is my husband hoping he can talk me down if the urge should come up…

Phych drugs are no joke…without them I cannot live a normal life or even function at all and with them I feel like a drug addict! Idk


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