My husband is off today he is sleeping….my son is riding a hover board all over my house…I took my morning meds I am in the basement smoking a ciggerette….I already cleaned kitchen and bathroom…I am feeling spacey right now…when I feel like this I call it a schitzophrentic headache…I sit and think about problems broken down truck  money issues….my brain won’t stop!  I am going to do 30 minutes on treadmill…I lost 5 pounds this month…life is so hard if it’s not one thing it’s another…somehow we always get through the tuff times…my son is on his last script of 40 mg Celexa for sociel phobia anxiety and depression…he refuses to go to the doctor for a refill…I am afraid of what’s going to happen when he runs out…he is 16 and I did all the research and I cannot force him to take his meds…I am working with the school to try and get a court order to make him see his shrink….I am stressed out to the max and my meds are making my mind go crazy! Ugh….I need a vacation from my life !


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