I have heard 100″s of voices, dead relatives and friends allot of voices I don’t know telling me to do different things and telling me lies constantly…but I have 1 main voice it is the first voice I ever heard and he says his name is Satan ( not Satan himself ) now when I was off my meds and feeling something touching me Satan told me it was him…he terrified me by shaking my bed choking me made me afraid of my animals…felt like his hands where all over me….felt like I was being raped while laying down..he talked smack about my mother kids and husband had me believing that my mom and husband where having an affair & said my husband was sleeping with a women at work…had me convinced my son was gay….when I finially got some help I was put on 9 mg Invega…helped with most of the symptoms but I could still hear Satan…this went on for a year until I got a new doctor I told him what was going on he switched me up to Invega injection…he started me on a lower dose and I could still hear Satan ….I thought that he was never going to go away and it’s just something I would have to deal with the rest of my life….my next appointment I told doctor that I could still hear him so he cranked my dose up to the highest possible and bam Satan was gone! Now I get injections once A month and my head has been quiet…I lived with Satan almost 4 years he actually said if u think a little shot is going to keep me away you are sadly mistaken….I thank God for Medicine…when medicated his attitude changed and he was so nice…I don’t miss him and I’m glad he’s gone but the damage is done…imagine someone talking in your ear constantly giving opinions about everything and everyone…..Satan has left a huge scar on my brain….phychosis sucks!


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