I have a 27 year old daughter who is bipolar & ADHD…she takes her meds…I have a 23 year old son with horrible anxiety and just told me he is very depressed this has been going on over a year and he has not brought it to his doctors attention he is losing his 7 year relationship…he has no sex drive and his girlfriend don’t understand what’s going on…then I have a 16 year old diagnosed with social phobia anxiety and depression I have a little medication left for him…he now refuses to see theropist or shrink so when the meds are gone he will slip into a black hole….I’m just waiting for one of them to start hearing voices or get phychosis…schitzophrenia runs in my family…I didn’t get it until later in life…I had no symptoms & was never diagnosed with any problems…one day it just came from no where….what do I do? How do I help these kids & keep myself stable at the same time?


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