Not sticking to my routine so far today…I wake up go in the kitchen and it’s trashed…just waiting for me to clean it! My husband and 16 year old are slobs, I hate to call names but geez pick up after yourself! My attitude instantly turned to crap…I feel like the maid around here right now and I feel like I’m taken for granted….just got a new Car a month ago after being broke down and stranded in this house for 8 months no ride…so I get to drive it for a month then my husbands truck breaks down with about 5 different things wrong with it so now he takes my ride to work leaving me again isolated to my house….and I can’t just drop him off at work and take car because he is a vender and travels from store to store all day long…I pay the car note every month…I am annoyed and my attitude is bad all stemming from my messy kitchen 


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