Just had a heart to heart talk with my 23 year old son…he admitted to me that he is depressed his anxiety is out of control and he has no sex drive…he has been in a relationship for 7 years and his friend seen her last night at the bar with another guy …..she is getting no affection or attention at home with my son so she has strayed…me being schitzophrentic I worry about his mental health I asked him if he was hearing voices or having any type of phychosis he said no he was not…I told him that my door is always open…so when he was leaving I asked him what he was about to do and he said he was going home to deal with her…my anxiety is almost out of control right now….I talked gave him advice about doctors and theropist and medication…now I sit and wait to see what happens…it don’t matter how old your child is you will always worry.


One thought on “My hands are tied

  1. ((Hugs)) I’m sorry he is having such a tough time right now. It’s so hard as a parent not to be able to just ‘fix’ everything. It’s great that you had the chance to talk to him about it, hopefully opening up has given him some clarity. Take care, Kate

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