My 27 year old daughter lives in Vegas she met a guy and married him after only 4 Months..he hit her and they argue about everything…she facetimes me crying at least 3 times a day…I told her to pack her things and come to me..she makes my anxiety sky rocket…then my 23 year old son has been in a relationship for 6 years…his girlfriend called me and told me all their business…he is not showing her any affection he is selfish with his money and is not pulling his weight…he blocked her from all his sociel media…she wants him out and he won’t leave….I try and talk to him but all I get is lies….my 16 year old is mentally ill he has anxiety sociel phobia and depression….I had him going to theropy and shrink his theropist called him a liar now he refuses to go to the doctor…I have 2 refills of his meds in pharmacy and that’s it….so when the meds are gone he is going to have another mental break…I am schitzophrentic bi polar ADHD and personality disorder…I am on allot of meds…these kids are driving me crazy! My head is spinning from all the drama….my husband is trying to help with the 16 year old but the 2 older kids are from a prior marriage and he won’t get involved….I called their dad asking for help and he didn’t bother to call them….omg I can’t take it! 


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