I try so hard to have a routine daily which includes laundry, cleaning the entire house and doing 30 minutes on my treadmill…I got weighed yesterday I lost 2 pounds in a Month…big wow! 5 days for 30 minutes and I watch my calorie intake and drink lots of water ….wtf! I researched all my meds and it was the serquil that put the weight on…I’ve been off it for 3 Months…idk why the weight is not flying off! ADHD is one of my issues…I will start cleaning the kitchen and 20 things will side track me and the cleaning turns into an all day affair because I am all over the place in my head! Then my boy will come right behind me and start trashing what I just cleaned…sorry to vent ….I am so annoyed right now trying to force myself to the treadmill.


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