7 thoughts on “So true for so many people

  1. Yeah.. i’ve had this.. for me it was pain, but also specifically mental illness. The rage and frustration i felt at this illness, the intrusuve nature of the symptoms- is sometimes like living in a nightmare :/

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  2. When it comes on strong it can be yes.. I just always imagine it like riding a wave; a wave of bs, lies and utter and complete crap.. which hurts because it frustrates. I hope you’re doing ok anyway- for me it always passes, and I hope it does for you as well. Take care.

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  3. Fair due’s; what injections do you get? I’ve never heard of injections as a form of treatment before. Is it a type of sedative? I’m on cholozopine, which is an anti psychotic, and have made a good recovery over the last ten years, although I’m not really certain how much of that has to do with the meds, and how much was just me doing a lot of hard work and being bloomin stubborn!..


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