When I got sick my entire out look on life changed. The thinks I use to like and enjoy such as hobbies I do not like anymore & the things I disliked I know find myself doing…My poor husband has adjusted well for the most part but I now find him very controlling of my time….What to do when to do it….of coarse I do what I want (never anything bad) I tell him I don’t have a bed time & I will eat when I am hungry….

To top it off 3 years ago my 16 year old got diagnosed with social phobia anxiety & depression…I’ve had him on 40mg of Celexa which has improved his well being allot…He had a bad theorapy session where the guy called him a liar now he is refusing all appts…I have 3 refills left but after that he will crash….I can make his appts all day long but I can’t manually pick him up and put him in the car.


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